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How Does Adidas Celebrate The Lantern Festival?

By hypekicks | 07 February 2020 | 17 views | 0 Comments
The phrase “yuanxiao” simply refers to glutinous rice balls, but as The World of Chinese explains, the treat “is steeped in the tradition and spirit of the Lantern Festival, symbolizing happy family.”Lunar New Year just began, but adidas is already getting a head start on the Lantern Festival celebrations. Adidas has prepped a special edition UltraBOOST DNA sneaker, dubbed “Yuanxiao”.

Representative of the flowers often arranged in celebration of the event, the designs on the UltraBOOST DNA are lavish, yet understated, with a textured upper showcasing a bevy of complementary plants and patterns. Black nubuck on the toebox matches the black midsole, sockliner and plastic cage, serving as a base for the thematic red and gold accents, including the shiny adidas logo on the tongue.

How did you celebrate the Lantern Festival?
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